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Panicked Punk Hurriedly Creates Home-Made Valentine’s Day Card

DANVILLE, Calif. — A panicked Jason Andrews, 15, hurriedly created a Valentine’s day card for his girlfriend Elizabeth this morning, sources close to the sound of him searching for his old watercolor set confirmed. The card, a desperate, pitiful attempt at expressing love through MS Paint, contained a moronic punk-based pun and was reportedly “hopefully enough.”

Upon further investigation, The Hard Times uncovered all 5 iterations of the card.



Colyn_1300x1920_VDay-Descendents09 Colyn_1300x1920_VDay-Suicidal19 Colyn_1300x1920_VDay-XRay06 Colyn_1300x1920_VDay-Victory23 Colyn_1300x1920_VDay-CJerks12

Photos by Colyn Emery.