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Classifieds: Roadie Love, Pearl Jam Dad and Punk Rock Classics

Whether you love livin’ in the city or want a suburban home, get what you need to survive in your local scene.


Pittsfield, MA: Touring Van, Any Mileage – “Our band booked a three-month-long tour but didn’t think about a van until the last minute. Drummer booked, like, four pay-to-play shows; we can’t miss them. We’ve got about $450 between us and we’ll give you a t-shirt and as many pins as you want. Please help. MUST have working air conditioner. Call Randy (969) 512-7665 with any leads.”

Gurnee, IL: Drummer’s Kit – “Tried to impress a musician girl at the bar, told her I’d fill in on drums at a gig next month. So I need it all — ride-crashes, hi-toms, hat-toms, everything. Except a stool, I have one of those in my basement somewhere. If you can give me a few pointers as to how they’re used to make music, that’d be helpful too. Call/text (898) 913-6675.”

For Sale

Missoula, MT: Concert tickets – “My dad got me tickets to Pearl Jam again. Yours if you want it. You’ll be sitting next to my dad.” FREE.


Bellevue, WA: ISO Rideshare – “Yo, I got grounded, so I can’t go to the Afflicted & Absconded show w/o a ride. Anyone around? Can pay in Monster, hmu.”

Topeka, KS: W4M –Former roadie? I was going to thank you for your service, until I saw you carrying a Shure SM58. Oh and that smile… Maybe you were just being polite, but I have never looked at a stranger the way I did you. You startled me with desire. Maybe those lips can grace more than a microphone… It would make me very happy to hear from you. EDIT: Unless you can tell me what band you roadie for, please do not respond.”

Richmond, VA: W4W – “You spent 20 minutes explaining to me what the PAs were and how they worked. Very interesting and all, but you took the $15 Lisa Frank Bic lighter I bought on Etsy and I really want that back.”

Show Listings

Keep up with the best shows happening in your home town.

Saturday, 10/1/16, Brooklyn, NY @ Bell Jar: “A Night of Punk Classics: Blink 182 Covering NOFX Covering Pennywise.” Doors 7:30 a.m. $80 adv/$95 at door.

Tuesday, 10/4/16, Kansas City, MO @ Donnie’s Downtown: “3rd Annual High Roller Swap Meet. Bring your small, valuable collectables! Featuring Kleptomaniax (NOLA), Sticky Fingers, the Shoplifters.” 1 p.m. Will be searched upon entrance.

Friday, 10/7/16, Worcester, MA @ The Spot: Closed for renovation.

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