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Young Jeezy Showed Us His Atlanta and We Hate to Admit It but We Didn’t Know What the Hell Was Going On

In the hip-hop game it doesn’t get any more real than Young Jeezy. His career spans decades and he has cemented himself as a trap legend. We wanted to open ourselves up to his world and see things through his eyes and honestly we tried but, shit, we really don’t even know what happened.

It’s on us. We’d never even been to Atlanta before and sort of dove headfirst into the shallow end and now we are paying the price.

We figured we’d increase our street cred and have enough knowledge to be all high and mighty when and if they ever made a biopic about Young Jeezy (we’re still catching up on NWA stuff, I just saw Straight Outta Compton last week.) But that’s really not how it all went down.

Here’s what we can remember:

Young Jeezy knows how to party and likes to drink tequila. He gave us a tour of his studio, or wait, maybe it was a club? Can I be honest? Going shot for shot with Young Jezzy wasn’t a great idea. Besides those first few tequila shots, the rest of the night is pretty much a blur.

We completely forgot to ask him about Thuggin’ Under the Influence and working with Rihanna. That was supposed to be our in. Oh shit, what the hell did we ask him about? Wait, wait, was their a gun in my face at one point? Yep, I am distinctly remembering a gun in my face now. Oh God, what a fucking mess.

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The whole night was just a whirlwind of partying, sick cars, and more money than our website, and honestly our entire lives are worth. At one point the tequila turned purple? I didn’t know they made purple tequila. I also didn’t know that I couldn’t smoke blunts at the same pace as Young Jeezy, but I for sure know that now. My last assignment was following some people in a tiny house startling a small granola bar company, that was kinda more my speed. I may have proposed to a stripper at some point?

Apparently we met the ATL Twins too, but didn’t get a picture. Honestly, we’re sorry there’s not much more to this. We didn’t even get a picture with Young Jeezy. Shit.

Our apologies. Next time we try and get the real scoop on an artist we’ll try not to get so fucked up.

Have you experienced the city of Atlanta with Young Jeezy? Let us know in the comments below! Please, because we really need to pad this article.