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All Opinions Are Welcome at This Inclusive Venue Except Those That Are Wrong

In the current national climate of political division, violence, and ugly rhetoric, it feels good to finally share a story which will restore your faith in humanity. One venue in a suburb of Olympia, Washington is cutting through the noise with a beautifully simple credo:

Everyone’s opinion is welcome except those that are wrong.

“Here at The Hub, we really pride ourselves on being open-minded and recognizing the value of having a diversity of opinions in a shared safe space of free expression,” said venue owner Geoff Saunders, “But if you’ve got any opinions that are just wrong, then please don’t bother coming because we will kick you the fuck out.”

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Right on Geoff!

Amazingly, this simple rule has all but eliminated spirited debates between individuals with differing opinions or beliefs at the venue. Sometimes the simplest solution truly is the most effective.

The venue has even gone the extra mile by making their one rule very transparent to everyone. All you have to do is wait for the venue owners to tell you you aren’t allowed to come to the venue anymore. When that happens you’ll know you’ve said or done something they consider to be incorrect!

Why didn’t we think of this?

“We really think transparency and openness with our policy helps create a positive atmosphere where people can safely share their opinion. And they’ll know quick as fuck when their ass is on the curb whether they’ve expressed an opinion that is wrong,” said Saunders.  


Of the opinions the venue considers objectionable, only a measly 356 will get you permanently banned from the venue. A few thousand others will cause you to be brought before an impartial tribunal which has already made up their minds that you are persona non grata.

We see no reason this same model couldn’t be applied to venues nationwide.

Would you want your venue to employ a similar system? Sound off in the comments! Unless your answer is no. In which case, I can’t even.

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