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Why I Don’t Support Animal Cosmetic Testing Unless They Look Goth as Hell

Every year, thousands of animals are forced into cosmetic testing. Most of them endure sickness and poor living conditions just to look mid. Here’s why I don’t support testing cosmetics on animals unless it makes them look goth as hell.

So who is the most impacted by the death machine that is the cosmetic industry? Animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters. These animals may be useless, but they still feel pain just like us. Being poked and prodded all day by chemists can take a toll, but never mind the needles and probes. The real cruelty here is not allowing these animals to properly cope with this pain by expressing themselves in a way that’s goth as fuck.

Even animals are not immune to existential dread. Shouldn’t they at least look cool in the process?

I don’t know about those guys, but I’d rather sit my bare ass on every one of those Maybelline chemist’s needles before looking like a basic bitch. Being a goth baddie is not a want, but a need for helping those suffering from corporate cruelty.

As an animal lover, goth, and empath, I think we should grant that same courtesy to these animals. In general, animal testing is cruel, but what isn’t? We’re pretty much in too deep at this point, so the least we can do is give these guys a smokey eye with some graphic liner and call it a day. It’s the least we could do, especially considering their horrific living conditions that we plan on doing nothing about.