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What’s the Etiquette on Postering Over This Missing Person Flyer?

Don’t you hate ambiguous social rules? It’s like a guy can’t even go to a bar, get drunk, and take a piss on a wall anymore without potentially committing a social faux pas. So can somebody just tell me if it’s chill if I tape an ad for my band’s upcoming show over this missing person flyer?

I mean, how many times are we supposed to be saddened by this missing dude’s face? Not only does it creep me out but it’s been up for like three weeks. It’s not like I don’t wanna help the guy but this is on prime postering real estate! So what, do I poster over it? Do I move it to a less ideal spot? What’s the etiquette here?

You might not think so but there are a ton of tough decisions to be made in the postering game. You gotta walk that fine line between cutthroat advertising and common courtesy. If this was a missing dog or cat flyer, sorry but that thing’s coming down, no question. And if I let this flyer fly and some other promoter posters over it, everyone will go to that shitty show instead of my shitty show!

This guy’s not comin’ back. I can feel it. And be honest, do you think the fine people of this coffee house would rather be saddened by some family’s loss or be pumped that a show is going down? It’s this Thursday, by the way. Bring your friends. Shit, if you find this dude, bring him too! I’d put him on the guest list, but it’s filling up. My cousins are in town.