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What Your Outfit Says About Your Predetermined Role In My Ideal Society

They say dress for the job you want, not the job you have.. That may be true, but in the isolated compound you’ll be living in, you ONLY dress for the job you have. Here’s what your clothes say about you and your predetermined role in my ideal society.

Overalls, Flannel Work Shirt, Boots:
Congratulations! You’ve been selected at birth to be a manual laborer. You are the physical machinery that keeps our small independent commune moving. Your tough, durable, and frankly unflattering clothing signal to others that you’re a practical and resourceful worker. Think of yourself as the fleshy pistons in a giant engine. And the best thing about fleshy pistons? They don’t think.

Tweed Sport Coat, Tasteful Slacks, Dress Shoes, Glasses:
You, my friend, are the intelligentsia. As the academic elite of our society, you’re responsible for the tasteful and respectful dissemination of information. The world is a big scary place, and your job is to tell our followers exactly what they need to know in order to remain productive and complacent. Your glasses, assigned to you at birth whether you need them or not, project grace and intelligence, and make others think, “Wow, he’s been allowed to read.”

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Black Reinforced Pants, Black Reinforced Shirt, White Mask Of The Watching Eye:
The Watching Eye watches us all, but all eyes will be on you when you’re out on the town in this striking ensemble. Especially because you’re the police/military arm of the Society Of The Great One. This outfit commands respect from all walks of life as it carries with it the implicit threat of physical violence. This outfit is best accessorized with a heavy rifle, though if one really wants to make a statement, one would carry an ornate truncheon. Either way, this look is bound to turn black-bagged heads.

Lingerie, Ceremonial Gown Of The Sacred Fruit:
All children are considered eligible for breeding purposes when they turn 18, and those fortunate enough to be vetted and selected will don some of the most meaningful garments in our society. The Sacred Fruit represents a fertile and life giving Mother Crescent, the holy bond of seed and soil. Light in fabric and loose fitting, these garments are designed to be quickly removed for the purposes of the Dance Of The Binding Tree. Though not best suited for cold weather, Breeders are often not seen outside, as they are not allowed.

Robes Of The Great One:
I am the great one, and only I get to wear the robes.