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We’re Not a “Band” We’re a “Collective Who Suck at Playing Instruments”

Music is more than just performance art. It is a state of being. It is a cohesive, universal experience that unites spirits and transcends the physical realm. Except for country. To call me and my tribe of creators a “band” is a grand understatement that minimizes the entire being of the artform itself. We are not a band. We are a collective who suck at playing instruments.

Music is subjective. People often classify the music we make as “bad” or “not music.” But that’s just one species’ opinion. But music exists on all planes of existence and I will continue meditating until I astral project to one where we’re appreciated.

Sure, we never learned how to play the top-of-the-line instruments our parents bought us when we moved into the compound that they also pay the mortgage on. But why should that matter? Our collective performs unique sound patterns that cannot be replicated. Not even by us. Some may call that incoherent noise but we consider it five souls uniting to express our shared consciousness. Much like our nightly conversations about how the world should be, which also gets called incoherent noise.

Regardless of the world’s ignorance of our art, we believe in being the change you want to see in the world. So please sign our petition to change “Bandcamp” to “Collectivecamp.” So far we have five signatures.

All in all, we don’t need the world’s approval to validate what we do. We know what we are and that’s what matters. We don’t need praise or money. Our rich parents provide more than enough of both.