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We Tried To See if Dead Baby Jokes Were Still a Thing and Now We’re Being Called Into HR

With all the terrible things going on in the world, sometimes you need to laugh to keep yourself from crying. Everyone is so cynical about life and I don’t blame them! Black humor has helped us push through some bleak moments in our lives, new ones which seem to be occurring on the daily. This is why I’m surprised that my killer set of dead baby jokes at the office is being rewarded with a meeting with HR.

I figured it was safe to assume that dead baby jokes were grandfathered into the resurgence of early 2000s nostalgia like low-rise jeans and iCarly. But I guess some people who were born in the actual year of 2003 aren’t hip to the dark humor that permeated the early aughts.

Give me a break, my generation watched 9/11 happen.

If anything, I started a dialog. And that dialog apparently made its way over to HR where I’m sure they’ll make me explain “what’s so funny about it” and all that bullshit. But if I have to explain to them how many babies it takes to paint a house it’s not funny anymore!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not in the mindset that people are too sensitive these days but we need to discuss where the line is drawn. I have literally seen TikTok videos making light of dead spouses and family members getting tens, sometimes thousands, of likes. But should you posit a scenario about fitting 50 babies into a bucket by way of a blender, you get uninvited from the office happy hour. And these babies aren’t even real! Who’s the real asshole here?

I’m like 99% sure people were laughing! Hell, Carol in accounting was practically laughing so hard she was crying. Seriously, she cried for a long time, all the way into the bathroom for 20 minutes. Holy hell that was a good joke. I’m sure she’ll vouch for me.

I joked my way into this, and I can joke my way out. Easy as pie! That’s made out of babies! Jesus, the jokes write themselves. I think I’ve got this, just as soon as IT gets here and they help us figure out why my ID badge and email have been disabled.