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We Spoke With Scene Legend, the Car Cassette Adapter

Every scene has unsung heroes. From the roadies to the merch guy to the dude who buys teens liquor, the scene is comprised of individuals who do all the dirty work so the rest of us can have fun. Of all these heroes, one humble member of the music scene was a rock-solid presence for well over a decade. That’s why we sat down with scene legend, the Car Cassette Adapter.

The Hard Times: First off, huge fan.
Car Cassette Adapter: Oh yeah?

Yeah, I had you in my 2000 Toyota Echo.
Oh shit, I remember that gig. It was crazy. I was playing when you totaled that car.

You were playing “Hold On” by Tom Waits.
Haven’t played it since.

Do you still see the old crew? Ya know, Car Cigarette Lighter and Spare Change?
Spare Change was lost in the crash and Ciggy, well he just kinda gave up. He was already starting to feel like his time had gone.

Kids these days don’t understand but you were a HUGE star back in the day. I mean the acts you supported: Discman. iPod. Even Zune!
I don’t like to talk about Zune.

You were everywhere!
Thing about this business, there’s always some young new model waitin’ right around the corner to take your place. Once the industry saw Aux Cable, people sorta lost interest in me. Don’t even get me started on USB or Bluetooth.

YSure, but you’ve had gigs since.
Yea, I still get out to play. But these days I’m playing mostly junkie station wagons and uncle Buicks. I haven’t been in a new car since 2001.

I think you underestimate how many fans you still have out there.
Look around man! People don’t even own music anymore. Why would they need an old-gen adapter to play shit? I’ve gone the way of the 8-Track or HitClips.

You could come back, like Vinyl.
Don’t mention that asshole around me! No man, I’m done. Just gotta live out my golden years playing second fiddle to Satellite Radio. Mark my words, this world forgets real fast.

I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to touch a nerve.
It’s ok. I just feel like I’m coming apart at the spools.

Play something for old-time’s sake.
Really? What would wanna hear?

Gimme one from the old Toyota Echo days.
You got it bud.

At this point the car cassette adapter played a slightly grainy version of Reptilia by The Strokes, and not once was the song interrupted by a text or phone call.