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We Seduced Our Worst Enemy’s Wife To Get Revenge But It Turns Out He’s Into That

Jason Kuebler has been my worst enemy for as long as I can remember. Getting bullied by him starting in grade school and then all the way through college was tortuous. Even now he somehow managed to become my boss at the office. I finally decided to get revenge by seducing his hot wife. Unfortunately, that’s how I discovered that she was in fact a Hotwife.

I had planned it out so perfectly. We started having sex at a time when I knew he was supposed to be getting home. Then I was going to look him in his stupid face and be all like “muhahahahaha. Take that I am having sex with your wife.” You know, something totally cool and clever like that. Anyway he gets home and sees me thrusting into her and I give my heroic speech about how this was for all those years he treated me.

That’s when he starts talking about how badly he thinks he deserves this and that he’s really getting what’s coming to him. I assure him that he’s been a real jerk and that maybe this should make him rethink his behavior. Except instead of getting mad he starts smiling and it seems like he’s actually enjoying what I’m telling him and encouraging me to say more. So I say more but cut myself off once I realize he’s touching himself through his pants pocket.

It’s at this moment that his wife Jessica asks why I stopped going and says she assumed I knew about his fetish and that’s the only reason she agreed to sleep with me. I then tell her that it was solely for revenge and this turns her on so much that she starts squirting like she’s Old Faithful except I guess she should really be called Old Unfaithful.

Anyway they both encourage me to finish so they can then start the BDSM part of their routine in which they “punish” the other person for their bad behavior. I cum my losses and get the heck out of dodge because I don’t have any desire to see what happens next. The lesson from this whole experience I guess is that you should never use sex for revenge, just put sugar in their gas tank like a normal person.