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We Sat Down With My Bloody Valentine Only to Realize Halfway Through They Were Bullet for My Valentine

Shoegaze pioneers My Bloody Valentine changed music forever with their genre-defining album “Loveless.” As it turns out, their name bears a striking resemblance to a metal band from Wales. We recently found this out the hard way by snagging an interview with a band we thought were going to be My Bloody Valentine, but turned out to be Bullet For My Valentine. Since we can’t let original content go to waste and think it’ll help our SEO, here is our chat with Bullet For My Valentine with questions we were going to ask My Bloody Valentine.

Hard Times: Thank you so much for taking the time to sit down with us and answer a few questions. Since we don’t have a lot of time, do you mind if we call you Valentine for short? 

Bullet For My Valentine: Umm, yeah sure. Valentine is fine. 

Fantastic. Now, as a band, what does Valentine think about the current state of the shoegaze genre? 

We’re more metal guys. 

Interesting. Would you say that you listen to more metal than shoegaze? 

I think it’s pretty obvious to anyone who listens to our music that metal is a big part of who we are as people. What’s with you and shoegaze? 

Let’s move on. Critics have said that your use of textured guitar techniques to create vivid soundscapes were integral in helping establish a new genre of music. 

This is the first we’ve heard that before. Which genre of music? Metalcore? Post-Metal? 


The fuck? 

Yeah, with your 1991 release Loveless

That’s not one of our albums. 

Yes, it is. I read your entire Wikipedia page to prep for this interview. Says right here that My Bloody Valentine formed in Dublin in 1983. 

We’re not My Bloody Valentine. We’re Bullet For My Valentine.

Well, shit. Please don’t tell my boss. They wanted me to interview a legendary band and are going to kill me when they find out I got you guys instead. 

Do you have any questions for us? We’ve toured all over the world, won awards, and have millions of fans, so we have a lot to say. So, go ahead and ask away.

Actually, we only have time for one more question.  

Well, OK. What do you want to know? 

Don’t you think it’s cool how My Bloody Valentine used textured guitar techniques to create vivid soundscapes that was integral in helping establish a new genre of music? 

I think we’re done here.