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We Sat Down With Mastodon to See What the Atlanta Scene Was Like During the Pleistocene Epoch

We had the opportunity to talk with Mastodon and get the nitty-gritty of what they had to deal with getting up during the Pleistocene Epoch.

Now we realize they likely haven’t spoken to humans since two and half million to 11 thousand years ago, so thanks to the help of a crash course on Neanderthal linguistics on YouTube, we were able to make them feel as comfortable as possible during our interview.

Hard Times: So, thank for join. You make boom boom sound in Atlantis with dinobuddies. Good?
Mastodon: Are you asking us how we got started? Well it was a pretty rough year for all of us, you know some of the guys were down here from up north so not only are you trying to make it as a musician, you’re also learning how this new city operates. We were all just kids crashing on couches and all that. It was tough, but we came to find we had a pretty solid chemistry and were able to cut our teeth well in the scene.
Many predator try eat you? Beware, ware, ah-tahhh?
Well I guess you always have to look out for the record labels, right? At the beginning, we were so naive, it was really hard to distinguish what was a good deal for us and what was just screwing us over. We were lucky to be able to sign with Relapse. That was one of the most exciting moments of our career.
Yes, I see now. How many time you protect herd? You travel in packs?
Uhhh… Our bus was broken into a couple of times? Turns out it was just Brent, who has his own bus.
You migrate to make thunder crash?
Are… Are you ok? Are you asking if we went on tour? Yes we went on tour, more heavily after we put out Leviathan. Supporting Slipknot and Slayer, that was really cool. After that, it seemed a lot more possible that maybe we could turn this into a full-time thing.
Gods supply your tribe?
Ok so we did get sponsorship deals on some tours, yes. Though it was mostly from amplifier and beer brands. Brann is a big fan of Genesee Beer. They were able to supply us with a lot of beers for most of our tours so that was fun. 
Thank you for sun time. Gift for you.
Dude, is that a truck full of various shrubs and tree branches? Are you expecting us to eat that or something? No, please. Don’t dump that in the yard man, the homeowners association will freaking kill me! Brent! No get away from it, Brent! You can’t smoke that stuff!