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We Sat Down With Mac DeMarco Because How Else Are We Supposed to Kill Time in This Drunk Tank?

Music journalism is an immersive endeavor. In order to keep up with what’s happening we at The Hard Times go to shows constantly. This rock-solid dedication leads us to extraordinary opportunities and a lot of alcohol-related arrests. Recently, it lead to both!

We got the chance to sit down with indie rocker Mac DeMarco because he was also arrested for disorderly contact outside that club.

The Hard Times: Mind if I sit here?
Mac DeMarco: Sure, it’s a free country.
I know, although we are technically being detained.
That’s super wild.
Yeah, I personally only had a couple of beers, but when you told those kids to flip that car they kinda just grabbed everyone.
Fuck, that’s just not fair. Do you have a cigarette?
Uh, no I don’t smoke, but I think I see several dozen in the pocket of your overalls there.
Yeah, but we can’t fucking smoke in here.
I know.
I know.
Uhh, sooo… I wonder how long we’ll be here.
Usually til 8 or 9 unless I puke again.
Well let’s lookout for that. Do you have any music coming out this year?
I think so. What’s today?
Ummm. Tuesday as of two hours ago.
Hmmm.. maybe not then.
Oh gotcha. Say, mind telling me about your KEXP Set?
I still haven’t gotten paid for that.
Really? Is that a paying gig?
Shit, I should’ve looked into that.
Right. Mind if I ask you about your current tour?
Well, what made you…
No I mean, “shoot, I’m supposed to be on tour right now”
Well that would explain why you’re 1,500 miles away from your scheduled performance tonight in Washington.
Fucking Washington, man. Any other Questions?
Just one. On Salad Days, I noticed you were getting pretty creative with using overlayed guitar tracks and I was just wondering if that was a conscious decision in the beginning stages of… Mac? …Mac? Can someone turn him over, please?