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We Sat Down With a Ghost Fan Because His Parents Paid Us $100 to Babysit

We don’t usually give Ghost fans the time of day, but most parents don’t offer us a crisp Ben Franklin in exchange for just five hours of babysitting services.

When 15-year-old high school sophomore Hunter Nordin’s parents hired us to sit down with him while they saw a heavier band, we jumped at the chance to learn what else the kids find interesting these days.

The Hard Times: Nice Ghost shirt. Did you get that after they went viral on TikTok?

Hunter Nordin: Nope. I’m not one of those iPad kids you make me out to be. I got into Ghost when I heard them in the end credits of “Halloween Kills.” But don’t tell my parents, they don’t know that I watched it.

But you wear Ghost merchandise in real life, and that goes over well for you?

For the most part. There was a time when I almost got dress-coded for wearing a “Seven Inches of Satanic Panic” shirt to school, but once everyone heard “Mary on a Cross” the principal decided that I wasn’t a threat. Now I’m free to wear all the Ghost shirts I want. I just wish the school would give the same freedom to my friends who listen to heavier material. They always have to turn their shirts inside out when the security guards are around.

Define “heavier stuff.”

You know, Metallica, Imagine Dragons, Ariana Grande…

That’s rough. Do these friends of yours also enjoy Ghost?

They do! They’re not as dedicated as I am, but we all agree that the first two albums and most of Meliora rule. We would have loved to go to Imperatour together if it hadn’t been a school night, but maybe next time. Maybe you could be our chaperone?

What, your parents wouldn’t want to take you?

They would, but I’m totally screwed if one of their favorite bands books a show on the same night. Didn’t they tell you that they’re seeing Limp Bizkit right now? They’re way too hardcore to take me to a Ghost ritual.