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We Sat Down With 1940s LGBTQ Icon Bugs Bunny

Arguably one of the most famous actors of the 20th century, Bugs Bunny developed a new sense of comedy, sarcasm, and stunt work in motion pictures. Yet for some reason, history has largely ignored his pioneering, brave display of non-heteronormative qualities.

We sat down with Bugs Bunny to discuss his proud LGBTQ portrayals dating back to the 1940’s.

THE HARD TIMES: Do you remember the first time that you decided to come out to your coworkers?
BUGS BUNNY: What’s up, Doc? Of course I do! I was getting fresh with  Gossamer in a Warner Bros. dressing room when ol’ Chuck Jones walked in and his eyes bulged out of his head! I says, “Hey Chuck- that’s my move!”
And did Chuck Jones accept you?
Accept me? He wrote me! He knew I was a bisexual drag queen before even I did. But trust me- if you saw Gossamer naked, your eyes would bug out too.
Fair enough. How did you discover your love for drag?
It was a bright spring day, and I’m on the run from Elmer. He thinks he has me cornered, but I give him a big ol’ smooch right on the kisser. I turn around and run through a clothing line. When I pop out the other side, I’m in a pink brassiere and girdle and thought- ya know what? This feels right!
Have you been dating during quarantine at all?
Well, ever since Lola and I broke up, I’ve mostly been hitting Tinder and Raya. I had a fun weekend with Vegeta in Albuquerque, but he’s a little too intense for my tastes. I’m going to look for something serious in the fall.
Ahh, so you hope to find a partner in cuffing season?
Actually, autumn is ass-eating season.
Historically, fall is cuffing season.
Ass-eating season!
Cuffing season.
Ass-eating season!
Cuffing season!
Cuffing season!
Ass-eating season!
See? Told ya! Ain’t I a stinker? I still got it! Aww, don’t feel bad Doc- here, have a stogie with me!
Wow, is this a Macanudo? Thanks Bugs!
*cigar explodes*
You’re despicable. Any final thoughts before we leave?
Hmm, lemmie see lemmie see lemmie see… uhhhhh, black trans lives, they matter! Eat your vegetables! ACAB! And that’s all, folks!