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We Ranked the 97 True Crime Documentaries Coming to Netflix This Weekend

Awards season is finally over so it’s time to stop pretending you saw Phantom Thread and get back to the trash we all love! Netflix has you covered with a dumpster-load of true crime documentaries hitting the streaming service this weekend and the Hard Times Staff ranked them for you:

97. A Dead White Woman
96. Red Yarn and Corkboard: Anatomy of a Crime
95. The Mechanical Pencil Murders
94. A Falling: The Unleveled Curb that Rocked a Massachusetts Town
93. How to Make a Murderer: A Step by Step Guide
92. The Reenactors Are Bad On Purpose
91. Skeletons in the Mud and a Little Bit of Hair
90. Fuck, Marry, Kill: Mayhem and the Rise of Norwegian Black Metal

89. Limbs Akimbo: The Murder of a Vitruvian Man
88. The Victim’s Family Begged Us Not to Make This
87. Woman Detective: This Detective is a Woman
86. Demons of Delaware
85. Dogs Who Kill
84. Dental Hygienists Who Kill
83. School Superintendents Who Kill
82. Tree Trimmers Who Kill
81. Suicide Hotline Operators Who Kill

80. Serial: This One Didn’t Pan Out… But Imagine If It Had
79. News Broadcast B-Roll: The Documentary
78. The Denver Loiterer
77. An Unsolved Mystery: Why Did Dennis Farina Replace Robert Stack?
76. It’s Never a Mannequin in the Grass
75. Statistically Someone on the Hard Times Staff is Guilty of Something
74. I Can’t Believe It’s Not Murder
73. Biggie and Tupac: The REAL Untold Story
72. Tupac Faked His Death to Kill Biggie
71. American Evil

70. Black on Black Crime: The Murder of Evelyn Black by Her Husband Larry Black
69. The Craigslist Furniture Section Murderer
68. Guys Sitting Next to You Who Kill
67. Can You Solve This Murder for Us?
66. Best Way to Kill Someone in Case You Need Tips
65. Killed by a Ghost
64. Internet Detective: Let’s All Blame That Guy!
63. Unpaid Parking Tickets: The Silent Killer
62. This Cult Seems Kinda Cool: Oh No!
61. Murdered To Death

60. A Very Complex Picture
59. Weird Science: Hotel Room Fluids Edition
58. Ricky Gervais: Humanity
57. Murderers I’d Like to Fuck
56. The 9000th Black Dahlia Documentary
55. Sad Town: Check Out This Sad Town
54. Sad Town 2: This Town is So Sad
53. Sad Town 3: American Sad Town
52. Somehow This Made a White Man Mad Enough to Kill
51. The Scranton Strangler Unmasked

50. 187 on an Undercover Cop
49. The Fast and the Murderous
48. The Rockline Clubbings: A Murder in Massachusetts in Ten Parts
47. Santa Clarita Diet (please watch it)
46. Duh The Creepy Priest Did It
45. The Final Frontier: Murders in Space
44. The Surge to Kill: Uber Drivers Who Murder
43. Murder Mommies
42. If I Had Done That: The Crimes of Steve Urkel
41. Baby Einstein: Forensic Pathology Primer for Toddlers

40. Your Girlfriend Will Love This For Some Reason
39. The Schenectady Skinner
38. Oh God, We Made a Murderer
37. Who Killed Punk?
36. The Nazi Conspiracy to Assassinate Richard Nixon
35. The Stranger Inside Me
34. This One is Sadder Because the People Are White
33. The Whatever is Immediately to Your Left Murders
32. Bank Robbers…. Who Kill
31. Have We Mentioned That Ted Bundy was Hot by 1970s Standards?

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30. Bloody Daytona: Spring Break Murders
29. The XYZ’s of Evil
28. Reefer Madness 2: Reefer Insanity
27. Bullying is Worse Than Murder
26. Crimes of the Illuminati
25. Semen In Eye Sockets
24. Chilly Justice: Inside Alaska’s Snowmobile Police Force
23. Chef’s Table: Jeffrey Dahmer Edition
22. Are You Afraid to Go Outside Yet?
21. Something is Wrong in Slaughterville

20. There’s Something About Mafia
19. Naked Sins
18. Curb Stompers
17. Fingernail Files
16. Top 10 Sexiest Murders
15. This Cop is a Bigger Piece of Shit Than Darren Wilson
14. Confessions of a Sex Doll
13. #RelationshipGoals: Couples Who Kill
12. Knowledge: The Silent Killer
11. Silence: The Silent Killer

10. Helter Skelter 2: Helter Skelterer
9. If It Was Me: Shaggy Opens Up
8. The One Cult Leader Who Wasn’t a Sexual Abuser: Murder in Maryland
7. Presumed Guilty: All Forensic Science is Witchcraft
6. No Amount of Murder Documentaries Can Prevent You From Being Attacked
5. Files of the Harper Valley PTA
4. Annihilated by Anime
3. White Drug Dealers
2. Tugboat Cops
1. A Serious and Nuanced Look at the Missing Indigenous Women in Canada

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Article by Allison Mick @allison_mick, Justin Eisinger, and the Hard Style Staff