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We Rank the Films of Jim Jarmusch From “Heard About It” to “I Plan on Watching That One”

With the eclectically cast horror/comedy The Dead Don’t Die set to release in June (featuring Iggy Pop, Bill Murray, Tom Waits and RZA to name a few,) we thought it was a good time to revisit the films of Jim Jarmusch. Or, more accurately, the idea of the films of Jim Jarmusch.

We may not have actually seen any of these movies, but he’s totally on our radar. It’s just way easier to get shit done on my phone while watching like a Marvel movie or something. With these movies I take one quick scroll through Instagram and then I’m like “Wait, what’s happening?”

We’ve ranked the films of Jim Jarmusch based on how much we’ve heard about them. Topping the list are the ones we are definitely, definitely going to check out very, very soon. It’s just, you know, things are crazy right now, you know?

12. Stranger Than Paradise

Never heard of it.

11. The Limits of Control

Doesn’t ring a bell.

10. Night on Earth


9. Permanent Vacation

Is this the one where Ben Stiller plays a junkie? Wait no that was Permanent Midnight. We have not heard of this movie.

8. Mystery Train

I’ve heard of this one! I think it’s about a murder on a train? Or like some crime on a train? A train is involved, that much I know.

7. Broken Flowers

I highly recommend this movie to anyone looking for big laughs because Bill Murray is in it and that is what he’s known for. I’m probably going to see this eventually.

6. Paterson
This one has the bad guy from the new Star Wars movies in it, but I think he’s like a good guy in this, but like he doesn’t have powers or anything?

5. Dead Man

This is the film that cemented young Johnny Depp’s status as the official leading man for the Alternative generation, I assume. Though he would go on to become a parody of himself with embarrassing pirate sequel after pirate sequel I’m betting that in this performance we see Depp at the height of his cool. I am definitely going to watch Dead Man one of these days.

4. Coffee and Cigarettes

Wait, have I seen Coffee and Cigarettes? I definitely remember some scenes from this movie I just can’t remember the plot. I think it’s like, Tom Waits and Iggy Pop want to buy a restaurant from Bill Murray but RZA tries to talk him out of it? And then Jack White builds like a friggin Frankenstein machine or something? Never mind, I must be mixing up a bunch of different movies.

3. Only Lovers Left Alive
Sex, Vampires, and the thriving underground rock scene of Detroit. What’s not to love about this movie? Theoretically nothing. There is no doubt in my mind that this movie will go on to be a classic in my eyes once I finally get around to watching it.

2. Down By Law

I have the poster for Down By Law hanging in my apartment, that’s how much I love the idea of watching this movie. Tom Waits and Roberto Benigni in prison together? That sounds nuts!

1. Ghost Dog : The Way of the Samurai

Wait, I’ve seen this one! Yeah this is the one where Forest Whitaker is a hit man for the mob but he uses like swords and stuff. This movie did not make any friggin sense whatsoever.