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We Look Back on the Entire History of Punk, 1977-1977

Some genres of music span a lifetime and will live on forever. Jazz, Rock ‘N Roll, Grindcore, and Symphonic Death Metal are all still very much alive and vibrant today. But only one genre of music had a very special year, and then promptly died, never to return.

That genre was punk. The year was 1977.

There were three bands in total: The Clash, The Ramones, and of course the greatest of all, The Sex Pistols. It is important to note that literally no other Punk bands existed before or after this. Just these legendary three, in the whole world.

But I digress. Let’s start from the very beginning, when punk was invented by Sid “Jello Biafra” Vicious. He had just shot some heroin and accidentally listened to “Sgt. Peppers” on 78 speed. The date was January 1st, 1977. The time? 12:01 am.

“Here I was, stoned off some heroin I nicked from Lou Bloody Reed. I put on the ole warbly disc ‘Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band’, by The Beatles, in’it? I was so stoned out of me gourd that I accidentally played it at 78 speed! Next thing I know, poof! I’m a punk! My hair is all spiky and such and I got this snarl with slashes on me arms,” Sid relayed in his legendary interview with Walter Cronkite.

Later that day Sid went searching for more heroin in a London gutter when he randomly bumped into a young Johnny Rotten, who was known as Johnny Fresh at the time. They rounded up two other guys who we don’t know the names of, and The Sex Pistols were born.

Shortly after that, The Clash came along. Quickly they recorded the first punk single, “Rock the Casbah.” They then hit the road with The Sex Pistols, which eventually brought them to New York City, where they would find some kindred spirits…

The Ramones were born when Dee Dee Ramone saw the Sex Pistols and The Clash play his legendary club, CBGB’s. As soon as they were done playing, Dee Dee ran to the streets to find three other guys who happened to have the same last name: Johnny, Joey, and Marky Mark Ramone. The Ramones soon climbed to superstardom with their one and only song, “Hey Ho, Lets Go.” The title seems a bit problematic honestly, but 1977 was a different time.

Tragically, on December 31st, 1977 at 11:59 pm, punk had its final minute. All of punk vanished at the stroke of midnight. Bondage pants turned back into bell bottoms and spiky hair magically grew out long. The Sex Pistols, The Clash, and The Ramones all called it quits. Punk was dead. But it’s spirit will forever live on in our hearts.

RIP Punk. 1977-1977.