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We Interviewed Your Dad to Figure out How to Fix Our Hot Water Heater and Open a Checking Account

Despite our reputation for edginess and youthful rebellion, we here at The Hard Times admit that sometimes when there’s a problem to deal with there is really no substitute the aged wisdom acquired through genuine life experience. That’s why we recently sat down with your father to see if he can help us we a few issues we’ve been having around the office.

Hard Times: Thank you for sitting down with us, sir. We wanted to start by asking you if you have any idea what might be wrong with our hot water heater. It’s been making this weird clanking noise?

Your Dad: Check to see if it’s leaking at all. If not then it’s probably your element heating the sediment that’s collected in the tank. 

And what should we do if that is the case? 

Try draining your water heater to clean it out. That should fix the problem.

Thanks. Our next question is… wait, one second, we’re getting a text. Oh, man. Seriously.

Everything alright?

Yeah, it’s just our girlfriend. God, she always does this!

Does what?

Hassles us about how we spend all of our time working and never spend any time with her. What does she expect from us?

Seems like she just wants to be a bigger part of your life.

It’s not that we don’t want to be there for her. But sometimes it just feels like she doesn’t believe in us.

You know, son, a strong relationship is a lot like a hot water heater. It requires a commitment to regular attention and maintenance to keep it running smoothly. Sure, it’ll still break down occasionally, but if you’ve put in the time and effort and haven’t neglected your duties to care for it, well, the right one can last you your whole life.

(Soft sobbing) …it’s just so hard sometimes.

It may seem like a chore now, but if you get it done you’ll find that hot water a lot more rewarding in the future.

(Stifled sobbing) …thanks… thank you, Sir… follow up question, how do we open a checking account?

That’s really something you need to speak with your bank about. You said this was about my kid’s job?