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We Asked This 75-Year-Old Woman If She’s Really Sure That She Doesn’t Want to Have Kids

Anyone who has children knows kids are an absolute joy. They bring sunshine into your life and provide meaning in a world that is otherwise drab and pointless. Yet for some reason, some stubborn adults still make the choice to not have children. We asked this stuck up 75-year-old lady in an assisted living community if she’s really certain she doesn’t want to have kids.

The Hard Times: Thank you for sitting down with us today, Muriel.

Muriel: Well I suppose sitting is all I really do these days because my legs don’t work like they used to. Wait, who the hell are you? The staff said my nephew was coming to visit but you’re not Julian!

Oh yeah, that was just something we told the staff so they’d let us in here. Anyway, it’s our understanding that you’re childless. Is that something you would ever consider changing?

Well for one thing I’d say that’s none of your damn business. But you do realize how old I am, yes? I haven’t menstruated in 23-years so even if I wanted to, that’s not possible.

Ew, gross! Why are you bringing that up? I just wanted to know how much regret you have considering you never had children of your own.

I have no regrets. I lived my life exactly how I wanted to.

Does this have something to do with getting back at your parents?

My parents were dust bowl children who only wished for their kids to have a better life.

And wouldn’t that better life include children?

Orderly! This man is not supposed to be here!

And there you have it, folks. It’s clear that never having had children of her own, ole Muriel here is clearly bitter and unfulfilled.