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We Asked Our Best Friend What They Really Think About Our Band and Turns Out They Love It!

I finally got a chance to sit down and talk with my best friend to find out what they think of my band. You guys aren’t gonna believe this but it turns out they love us!

Sure, they haven’t made it out to see my band, HotRod Diaper, in a long time but they promised they’ll be at the Knights of Columbus on Saturday fucking everyone up. Well, as long as there isn’t another escape at the prison by their house, late-night blood drive for earthquake victims, or a biblical case of the shits. There’s always a good reason they can’t make it to a show on Saturday night at the bar a mile from their apartment.

I’ve always been worried that they didn’t like the band because they never wears the shirts I gave them. Also, they make this funny face when I play our songs sometimes but I’m sure it’s because our mixes are so rough. I wish they’d just be truthful and tell me we deserve more money so we can have higher production value, but I understand that sometimes friends keep things to themselves to protect each other’s feelings.

Finally knowing for sure my best friend loves my band, I gave them the VIP treatment and personally explained how to find our Bandcamp, sign up for our newsletter, and accept our Top Fan award on Facebook. I really wanted to play them the new demos, but I guess they’ll have to hear them at the next show since I put them on the list. I love my honest friend! Aka our number one fan.