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Watch Jordan Peterson DESTROY This Guys YouTube Algorithm

YouTube algorithm, consider yourself OWNED. Jordan Peterson (or “Dr. Jordan Peterson” as friends still living in your home town call him,) the man famous for OBLITERATING leftists and leaving feminists SPEECHLESS has now completely DESTROYED the algorithm that dictates which clips are recommended to aspiring musician Gary Cunningham.

“It’s completely fucked now!” confirmed Cunningham earlier this week while demonstrating to a friend how even a video called “cutest puppy” is now followed by “Ben Shapiro TAKES DOWN Black Lives Matter” and “Joe Rogan and Sam Harris break down the left’s call for violence.”

Cunningham went on to explain how, with a single view, Jordan Peterson EVISCERATED his chances of ever finding anything cool, interesting or informative on YouTube again with an EPIC TAKEDOWN of the feed he’s cultivated over the last decade.

“I watched one of his video’s because I got tired of my drummer ending every argument with ‘yo listen to Peterson and then talk to me.’ I watched the whole thing because I became transfixed by hearing Canadian Kermit the Frog trying to intellectually justify his hatred of women. Now YouTube assumes that’s all I want to see.”

At first Cunningham completely ignored the recommendations, but eventually began to click on the attention grabbing videos out of morbid curiosity. But even keeping the content at an arm’s length he worries about what messages may be worming their way into his mind.

“Yesterday I almost bought a case of nootropic mushroom tea because the guy from Fear Factor told me it would help me think good. This morning I considered putting butter in my coffee. Last night I dreamed that Sam Harris was my dad. I need help.”

Cunningham’s YouTube feed was once populated almost exclusively by videos of pitbulls, guitar tutorials and clips from British comedy shows, but that’s all been replaced by what he describes as a world of horrors he would give anything to un-see. And it’s getting worse.

“I can’t watch an episode of Garth Marenghi’s DarkPlace without YouTube trying to radicalize me. I’m getting videos explaining how vaccines are part of a socialist conspiracy, ads telling me I need to buy a gun to protect ‘my president’ from antifa and a shit ton of Alex Jones. Also I guess the guy who made Dilbert is evil now? These videos have more views and likes than you can possibly imagine. I am so afraid all of the time now.”

BOOM! Take that Gary Cunningham’s psyche! His underlying belief that people are generally good and things will work out has been DESTROYED!

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