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UPDATE: I Remembered Another Part of My Dream (Guest Column By Your Mom)

Hi, sweetie. I was just checking my phone to see if you remembered to call when I realized I never told you the big news: I remembered another part of my dream.

You know the one I’m talking about, where your father killed our terrier? I told you about it yesterday. I remember we were sitting by the pool and he just pushed Clover in and held him under until the bubbles stopped, and I just sat there and then asked him why he did it. In the dream, I mean. Don’t worry, Clover is fine. He’s sleeping on his little bed.

Anyways, I remembered why your dad drowned the dog. So, like I said, the bubbles stopped, then I asked him why he did it — why he killed Clover, I mean. He turns around and looks me in the eyes. And suddenly, it’s not your father’s face, it’s my old boyfriend from high school, but I didn’t really think anything of it. You know how dreams are. So, he looks me in the eyes, and says…

Hm? Oh, sorry. It seemed like you weren’t really listening, so I didn’t think I needed to continue. So your father — who is now really my ex from when I was younger than you — looks me in the eyes and says, “I just wanted to know what that kind of power felt like.”

Isn’t that so funny? You know, it’s like what the husband said on that episode of “Dateline” we watched last week. I said to you, “Can you believe he said that?” I’m sure you heard it, unless you were too preoccupied with the Tic Tacs on your phone to listen to both your mother and the show we were watching.

Oh, wait. It might have been the Dateline from two weeks ago. Your father watched it with me because you were too busy with Jeanine’s wedding. What? I’m not saying you shouldn’t have gone to the wedding; I’m just saying that’s why you didn’t have time to come over and watch “Dateline” with me like you do every week. Anyway, I’ll let you know if I remember anything else. And don’t forget to call me tomorrow. Love you.