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Unlikely Animal Friends: This Horse and Pig Play in Park All Day

Los Angeles isn’t exactly known for being adorable, but two little guys in Griffith Park might just change that. Meet the cutest animal friends you’ll ever see: A horse named Cinnamon and a pig named Officer Dan Pratt.

The pig and horse can be found most days frolicking in fields, trotting on trails, and ticketing unpermitted birthday parties.

No work. No responsibilities. Just living the dream! These two critter companions may not serve a purpose to society, but at least they are here in nature instead of out on the street where they could be bothering people just trying to live their lives. And they’re having fun doing it!

How’s this for a serotonin boost? Excited tourists report that Officer Pratt will even scramble up onto Cinnamon’s back and sit on his saddle! Pigs may not fly, but this one sure can ride.

The cuteness doesn’t stop there—the pig even makes sounds like it’s talking!

“I don’t like it when you call me pig,” said the pig. “I could arrest you for that.” You can never believe what a pig says, since it’s not a real person, but it’s still impressive that it tries to talk at all.

Holy cow! A talking pig that rides a horse? You might guess that the pig has had extensive training to perform tricks like that, but Officer Dan Pratt has much less training than you would think. Much, much less. Not to worry though, since pig experts say that training is not the problem, and also not the solution. I guess he’s just a natural!

Alas, not all friendships can last forever. Cinnamon and Officer Pratt may need to say their goodbyes soon, because the pig is facing suspension pending an internal investigation by a different set of pigs. I’m sure these two beastly buddies will miss each other, but there’s good news—Officer Dan Pratt will likely just be transferred to a new city, where he can get back on a horse in no time.

If you want to see these two BFFs while you still can, swing on by the park! Just be careful to keep your distance. Horses and pigs are fun to look at, but they can react aggressively to eye contact. Remember, they’re still wild animals.