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Top Three Cameras Expensive Enough to No Longer Make This Bedroom Photoshoot Creepy

Modern technology has brought accessibility and quality to the world of independent art. Graphic designers can afford programs so advanced, they no longer have to rely on working for a large publication to perfect their skills. Musicians can independently record quality sounding recordings in their spare time and no longer have to be signed to make a nice sounding record. Most importantly, amateur photographers like myself can even afford a camera so high in quality that no one will notice how creepy this bedroom photoshoot really is.

I know you’re thinking this is too good to be true, but it’s not! Amateur photographers really can take high quality photoshoots provided you have the right camera! Even in your dank basement one-bedroom “apartment.” You just need the camera that’s right for you and the aspiring model you somehow convinced to let you shoot them:

Nikon D5600

Pros: This bad boy focuses itself so you really don’t have to bother trying. If you take a bunch of photos you will eventually find a few decent ones to send them afterward, all you have to do is mess with the contrast a bit and add a vignette and you are in the clear. Plus you can send it straight to your phone which makes sharing it to your pervy bros super easy.

Cons: It’s small! Looking like a pro means that you have to have handfuls of camera. What happens if she sees past the camera and notices your fleet of Waifu body pillows with their ring fingers cut off? It’s all about professionalism.

Fujifilm X-T10

Pros: Okay well first off Fuji just sounds exotic so that’s a plus right there. Furthermore, this thing looks like one of them old-ass cameras so they’ll think you’re vintage as fuck. Also, it’s mirrorless. I’m not sure what that actually means, but dropping in lingo like that will always help.

Cons: Apparently Best Buy doesn’t offer classes on mirrorless camera use, so you’re going to have to watch some YouTube videos or something to figure out how to work this thing. Also, don’t invite guys you met at Best Buy to the photoshoot. That’s a red flag, apparently.

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7

Pro: So this bad boy has this viewfinder thingy that you can look through and secretly take pictures. Also it can take rapid photos so the constant clicking sounds will hopefully drown out the sounds coming from your somehow even creepier neighbors through the wall.

Con: Using the viewfinder kind of makes you look like an obvious creep and you wouldn’t want to do anything to make your model feel uncomfortable.

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Article by Brandon Fernweh