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This Old Guy’s Cover of Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah is INSANELY GOOD!

I consider myself a bit of a music connoisseur and I listen to a lot of stuff nobody has ever heard of.That isn’t a brag, I just want you to know that I actively seek out new or unknown artists on youtube and, man, did I strike gold today!

Look, I know that covers of Jeff Buckley’s song Hallelujah are #basic but I came across a live version of this old guy singing and you will not believe how good it is! This Lester Coen guy seems to have come out of nowhere and has left me speechless. It is like the reverse of when Nine Inch Nails covered Johnny Cash’s “Hurt.”

This just goes to show you that some old people can like good music too! He gives Hallelujah such a haunting tone, he makes it sound like a sad song instead of a romantic one. Crazy!

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I bet he was like a mailman or janitor or something, just singing to himself until someone heard him. I wish my grandpa Sterling was this cool, he just worked in an underground factory that made velvet or something like that.

I showed my dad the video and he was so moved he just shook his head and left the room. That is how jaw-droppingly amazing this cover is. He wears these three piece suits and a fedora, someone should tell him that fedoras are kind of a internet joke but we can work on his style.

You can also find him doing covers of Tori Amos’ “Famous Blue Raincoat,” Nick Cave’s “Tower of Song,” and Lana Del Rey’s, “Chelsea Hotel No. 2.” A lot of people say that doing covers doesn’t take any talent, well this guy proves them all wrong.

Please like and share this around. We have to get this guy on The Voice!