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These 6 Words Could Be Sabotaging You at Job Interviews, but They’re Pretty Obvious, Like the First One Is “Fuckpie”

When it comes to getting hired, being the best candidate on paper is only half the battle. There is a certain art to giving the perfect job interview. If you’re good at it you can find yourself rising well above your station, but if you’re the type of person who doesn’t interview well then all of the qualifications in the world can’t save you.

If you’re constantly getting turned down from jobs that you know you would be a perfect fit for, it may be time to change up your interview game. Here are six words you may not be realizing are sabotaging you in front of potential employers. Gotta be honest though, these are all pretty obvious, and this list probably won’t be super helpful.

Honestly if you actually do any of these, you have a much much longer way to go before you’re hireable or maybe even presentable to the public at large.

1. Fuckpie
I mean, yeah, don’t say “fuckpie” at an interview for a goddamn job. This really should not come as a shock to anyone. Don’t do it.

Okay on the off chance you’re struggling with this one, put yourself in the employer’s shoes. You’ve narrowed your search down to two equally qualified candidates. One of them is normal, the other tosses around “fuckpie” all willy-nilly in a professional setting. You get it right?

2. Dipshit
If this comes as a surprise then god help you but yes, calling someone a dipshit in front of a potential employer on your first meeting can make you look bad. Let’s say you are asked about your current employer. Instead of saying “that place is run by dipshits” try saying “I’ve grown as much as I can there and it’s time for me to move on.”

If you find this advice to be eye opening, you should also probably go ahead and change everything about your life.

3. Twatwaffle
This word is a little dated and can age you in the eyes of hiring managers. Also, this is an interview. For a job. You weren’t really planning on saying “twatwaffle” were you? Were you?

4. Dick-for-shits
This term is simply not in line with the current climate of most professional environments. Also, what does that even mean? If you use this word at all in any context you may be the only one and you should stop.

5. Horny
Don’t say horny. If you are horny, just don’t bring it up. Dance around it.

6. Swastika-junkie
At no point in the interview process should you use the term “Swastika-junkie,” even if you’re just trying to make it clear that you aren’t one.