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The Hard Times’ Hottest Studs of 2015

Look, we know we’re only a few months into 2015, but some things are undeniable – like, for example, punks have a tendency to determine which demos are the “best of the year” in early January. So with that idea in mind, The Hard Times would like to present you with these sizzling hot shots of the sexiest studs of 2015.

#5 — Pyramid Studs

Oh yeah, my thumbs are going to be sore after bending over those prongs all night long.

#4 — English 77 Cone Studs

Nothing is sexier than an accent. Take me to bed, mate!

#3 — Cone Studs

These beefy studs broke the internet.

#2 — Black English Cone Studs

blackenglishconestudsMmmmm, tall, dark and handsome studs – Mommy like.

#1 — Small English Cone Studs

I would fuck this shit out of these studs. PENETRATE ME!I would fuck the shit out of these studs – penetrate me!

Article by Josh Cox.