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The Best Aphex Twin Albums for Clawing Your Way Out of a K Hole

So, you decided to dabble with some ketamine. I really can’t blame you. Sorry horses, Ket isn’t just for you anymore! Some of my dealers say it can even be therapeutic in the right circumstances and I think we could all use some therapy right about now.

In moderation, ketamine can be a mind-elevating experience that provides both enjoyment and perspective. Too bad you did way too much and now you’re stuck in a vicious, mind-melting K-Hole. Oh well. Here are some Aphex Twin albums to help you claw your way back into your corporeal shell:

Come To Daddy – As you float above your numb body thinking to yourself, “this is never going to end,” this 1997 EP/mini-album will grab you out of the æther and throw you back to earth. But don’t expect a soft landing! The album’s raw industrial sound will literally jolt you back to life. Careful, though. If you end up having flashbacks to the titular song’s horrifying music video, this choice could really backfire.

Drukqs – At a whopping 100 minutes long, Aphex Twin’s 2001 two-disc album is the perfect choice for a gradual return to reality. But since basically all of the song titles are in the Cornish language and the album title is next to unpronounceable, you may have trouble getting Alexa to understand your slurred, tranquilizer-addled request.

Selected Ambient Works 85-92 – The one that started it all is also the best one for ending it all. Ending your K-hole, that is. The debut album of Aphex Twin provides cerebral, melodic tracks that are perfect for lugging your liquified body back to the mortal plane. Make sure to turn it off once you’re back though. This album will definitely make you want to do more ketamine.