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Success! I Locked Myself Away for 2 Years Focusing on My Screenplay and Now Louis CK and Harvey Weinstein are Interested!

It looks like hard work and determination pay off after all!

When I made the decision to unplug and focus exclusively on my screenplay 2 years ago people thought I was crazy. They just don’t understand that great art comes at the price of great sacrifice. Well you know who does understand that, mom? Louis C.K and Harvey Fuckin Weinstein, that’s who baby! The moment my screenplay was done I got back on the internet, reached out to those guys, and they both responded the SAME DAY!

We live in a world of constant distraction, and our art suffers for it. Clearly what I’ve done is prove that it is possible to write a perfect story if you eliminate ALL distraction. Why else would two of the biggest names in entertainment, Louis CK and Harvey Weinstein, respond to my unsolicited email so quickly?

They’ve both even expressed “surprise” that I even want to work with them, that’s how good they think it is! They probably think it’s good enough to be used by Woody Allen, although frankly I would never get involved with Woody personally, what with all those rumors.

No internet, no video games, no keeping up with current events. Just keep your nose to the grindstone and don’t stop until you know your script is as good as it can possibly be. These Hollywood big shots know quality work when they see it.

I won’t give too much away seeing as how with a man like Harvey Weinstein at them helm this film isn’t long from your local cinema, but essentially it’s a big blockbuster comedy, a return to form in the vein of Ghostbusters or Back to the Future. God I feel so stupid for ever doubting myself. I knew I was a genius!

Time to go burn every bridge I have and get into hard drugs because Hollywood here I come!