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This Stranger Things Fan Theory Is So Crazy We Are Worried About the Person Who Came up With It

Netflix original series Stranger Things took the internet — and the world — by storm when it was released over the summer of 2016.

Those who binged through the entire series quickly found themselves craving more of the infectious ’80s-themed Sci-Fi-adventure drama. Almost as quickly as it arrived on Netflix, the show’s ravenous fans took to the internet with theories about the mysterious “Upside Down,” its resident Demogorgon, and the powerful Eleven’s connection to it all.

Well, Hard Style did some digging and found one fan theory we are very apprehensive about sharing with you all because we are genuinely worried about the person that came up with it.

Prepare for a brain blast because this theory is out of this world!

Now, we want to preface telling you Reddit user 2Fast2Furious69’s theory with the disclaimer that we have not checked on this person to make sure they are OK. As this theory will make abundantly clear, Stranger Things has become an inseparable part of this person’s identity, and we fear that any nudge in the wrong direction could send this person spiraling into an abyssal netherrealm not unlike the Upside Down.

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This theory will have you thinking “Why didn’t I think of this?” As well as “Does the person that came up with this theory have a decent support system in case of a psychological crisis?”

With that being said, prepare yourself to have your goddamn mind blown!

This is your last warning, and we want to make sure you are both sitting down and have reached out to a family member recently to tell them you love them.

Look, we are as big a fan of fan-made television show theories as you are likely to find anywhere, but sharing this theory is borderline irresponsible of us. It is clear user 2Fast2Furious69 hasn’t had meaningful human contact in quite some time. This theory seems more like a cry for help than a genuine human thought. This theory makes HP Lovecraft look like Dr. Fucking Seuss. We are really questioning whether we should go through with this right now.

You know what? So many times people stand by and do nothing when they should be helping. We are not going to overlook the real situation going on here just to pursue our own selfish desire to see the various plot points of Stranger Things connected in a mind blowingly fantastic way. We are people first, and journalists second. Sorry folks, move along — nothing to see here.

Whoa! Can you believe that? Sound off in the comments if you have any info about 2Fast2Furious69’s whereabouts and can give a quick knock on his door!