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Stop Kink Shaming Me and Start Regular Shaming Me Because That’s My Kink

With poser-ass S&M bullshit like 50 Shades of Grey and the word “cuck” infiltrating the mainstream culture like never before you would think that kink shaming would be a thing of the past. I assure you, nothing could be further from the truth.

Everywhere I go I am shamed for my lifestyle. Whether I’m wearing my slave collar at a Papa John’s, a mesh body stocking at the library, or simply enjoying a coffee in my “Yes Daddy” t- shirt, I am the subject of scoff and ridicule by vanilla heteronormative onlookers, and frankly, I’m sick of it. Listen up closed-minded people: It’s 2018. Stop shaming me for my kinky lifestyle and start shaming me just sort of in general, because that’s the kind of freaky ass shit I’m into!

Don’t you dare try to tell me I shouldn’t be out in public because of the provocative things I wear. Tell me I shouldn’t be out in public because I’m worthless! Oh yeah, tell, me I’m nothing, spit on me, come on daddy do it! Tell me what a pathetic worm I am!

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Would you believe that I have been kicked out of bars in my own town under threat of violence simply because of the lifestyle I represent? It’s wrong! These men should not want to beat me simply because my lifestyle is different then theirs. They should want to beat me because I would be a fully willing and eager recipient of said beating! Throw me to the ground and take turns kicking me, anything goes! And they should throw lit cigarette butts at me too. But only because I’m worthless!

It’s very simple. Do not insult and attack me because I represent something that goes against your personal value system. Insult and attack me because you are a superior masculin bull and you want to show my wife what a real man can do.

Look, what I choose to do behind closed doors is my business. And what I choose to do on a city bus is your business. And if you don’t like it, don’t be shy. Really let me have it! I have been very, very bad and i deserve to be punished.

Our kink is watching you put ON our t-shirts:

Article by Hard Style Staff