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Do I Still Get Work Off Today Even If He’s #NotMyPresident?


Donald Trump is a FRAUD. He is ILLEGITIMATE. He is a RACIST. And I’m still NOT SURE if I should get the day off to celebrate him.

Yeah, you heard that right: I’m straight up NOT SURE. I’m confused, dizzy, and disoriented — but I won’t be silenced.  If the mainstream media is going to play lap dog to our new fascist regime, lobbing softball questions at that orange-faced buffoon, that’s their prerogative. But I won’t be a part of it. Every single day I come in to work at Hard Style I’m going to speak truth to power. And since we’re on the topic already, should one of those days be today? Does anyone know?

Regardless, Trump’s rampant sexism and violent rhetoric advocating for mass deportations of hardworking families PLUS his connections with Russia are STRAIGHT UP TREASONOUS. He should not only be impeached, but depending on how much is revealed in FORMER Secretary of National Security, Michael Flynn’s deposition, he should be HANGED for treason as soon as possible. Maybe we’ll even hang him today, which would be good because then I’d be at work to cover it live… right? Does federal mean only federal workers or everyone?

Does anyone editing this piece after me know? Do I get the day off even if he’s #NotMyPresident?

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Either way, this is NOT NORMAL and I will not do anything to make it seem as such. So that’s why I think I’m going to show up to work and protest by being extra productive. I will write 15 articles on #NotMyPresidentsDay, and let everyone know that Mr. Drumpf doesn’t FUCKING decide when I get a vacation — because he isn’t MY president. No one decides that shit for me besides my direct supervisor, who really hasn’t made it clear at all, in my opinion, and isn’t doing a great job.

Or, I don’t know, maybe I’ll stay home — if that’s what we are supposed to do. Is it? Do you know?