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Some Radiohead Songs Ranked Until I Get Depressed and Stop

I write stuff for a music site. People like to read rankings of stuff, and Radiohead is popular and stuff, so we decided to rank the Radiohead songs. I think I was excited at the time. I can’t remember. I can’t really remember what excitement used to feel like.

I’m more beanie hat and plain t-shirt than man now, detached and melancholy. These are not actually ranked in any particular order, because I think ranking, lists, and concepts like “better” or “worse” are meaningless now, same as everything else. I don’t even know if any of this is real. Am I even here right now?

I’m gonna go listen to “Weird Al” Yankovic until I remember how to smile again or die trying. Here are some Radiohead songs.

“Reckoner” – In Rainbows
Whether you’re staring at the ocean, out a window, or just at a stain on the carpet, Reckoner delivers. I can think of no greater way of connecting to absolute truth than listening to this track on a loop and embarrassing the fact that our lives are futile but sometimes drums do interesting stuff, so we trudge on.

“Exit Music (For A Film)” – OK Computer
There’s “defeat” and then there’s whatever this song is making me feel. Throw on some noise-canceling headphones, queue up this song, and ask yourself, “Have I ever really connected to anyone in my entire life?”

“Pyramid Song” – Amnesiac

I’m standing alone in my room. I can’t quite decide if I want to sit down or not. I go to the refrigerator, look around, and nothing I’m looking at seems to register onto my brain in any way. The compressor clicks on, so I close it and go back to my room, standing again. Maybe I should call my mom, but what would I even say? 5 stars.

“Sail To The Moon” – Hail To the Thief
Do we even deserve the sun? I don’t think that we do. I think we should all just apologize to god and go to bed.

“True Love Waits” – A Moon Shaped Pearl
I am beginning to question the notion of stringing the sounds we arbitrarily agree are words into the futile complexity of sentences. What are thoughts even? Lolipop. Asphalt. Genocide. A plate of carrots. Dysmorphia. Texas. Smoking.