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So Far Biden Has Done Zero To Defend Pop Punk

There’s no denying Biden has many challenges to overcome in order to heal our divided nation. He certainly has his work cut out for him. Between ramping up COVID measures and associating the suburbs with street cred, Biden has already taken some positive steps in my opinion. But don’t invite your hometown friends over for a pizza party just yet. What exactly has Joe Biden done so far to defend pop-punk?

Is Joe Biden already dragging his feet on promises he made on the campaign trail? Well, that’s the story so far anyway. This is a slap in the face to our scene/voting block. How can he do this to so many single-issue voters like me, you, and everyone we know?

Look, We just want to be respected as adults who like songs from the point of view of a high school stalker. Yes, I know we’re already free to do that but we don’t want people to call us out on it. We’re not looking for special treatment. Wait, yes we are. Now give it to us.

Pop-punk in America has been under attack since day one, people! We are a collective victim of a global scene-shaming. Did you know that simply announcing you’re a Knucklepuck fan will still make you a target in the pit at a Biden rally? Trust me, I’ve started tons of pits at Biden rallies. Any rally, really. Yet so far, Man-Joeverboard Biden has personally done nothing to stop me.

I can’t believe we even still have to defend pop-punk. In 2012, I wasn’t as pop-politically active about this issue because I thought someone would have handled it by now. Maybe some sort of pop-punk preserve situation? Hillary would have done it.

Mr. President, take heed to these words. Lest you allow our great nation to fall into the cavernous abyss that is our differences. Let us come together, heal, and protect and—dare I say defend—each other. Thank you and may God bless pop-punk.