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Shocking: Only Two Women Accuse Gene Simmons of Sexual Harassment

Recently, celebrities have been accused of sexual harassment, assault, and misconduct, leading to fan boycotts and industry blacklisting. Gene Simmons, bass player of rock and roll and sometimes disco band KISS, is the most recent celebrity facing sexual harassment accusations from two women.

Wait, Gene Simmons has only been accused of sexually harassing two women? I will never look at him the same.

Seriously, how has a man who has bragged about sleeping with close to five thousand women only been accused of sexual harassment twice? Gene Simmons spent his career on stage dressed as a sex demon playing a bass guitar that SHOOTS FIRE. Louis C.K. spent his career dressed like a plumber talking about his man-boob sweat, and even he got accused by more women.

I am so disillusioned right now.

They say don’t meet your idols because they will always disappoint you. I never tried to meet Gene because I heard you could only get backstage at a KISS concert if you were a good looking woman. That is some scummy shit, right? It’s the definition of objectifying women. But finding out that he mistreated so few of those women he objectified is quite disheartening.

Thanks for ruining my childhood, Gene.

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This makes me hope the industry starts rebooting bands the way they reboot movies and that they make an all female KISS. And I bet those women will get accused of harassing way more than two men, Gene, you fucking fraud.

How many women have actually seen your Love Gun, Gene? I don’t even know what to believe anymore!