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SCAM ALERT: “Free” Show Asking for Donations

Do you wanna know something totally fucked up? I’m down here at Chopper’s, enjoying the so-called, “free” show they’re putting on, and these motherfuckers just had the nerve to pass a donation bucket around and ask for my money.

Do not be tricked into coming to this show! They’re trying to scam you!

I got here after the first band started playing. When I asked to make sure it was free, the guy at the door said something about donating money if I wanted to and I laughed and told him I wasn’t helping pay his bar tab. He must not have heard me over the noise because he just stared at me. Lighten up bud, I thought we were all here to have fun and support the scene.

So the first band played, and they weren’t bad. Then once they were done some snake oil salesman got on the mic and this is where the scam revealed itself. He starts talking about how it’s up to us, the crowd, to help the bands make it back home. Um, excuse me buddy, but I think the bands are doing just fine. If they didn’t have enough gas to get home they shouldn’t have drove this far to play. That’s just poor planning and I’m sorry they haven’t figured out what being in a band is all about yet.  

It’s just so insulting, to ask me, a guy who works 20 hours a week for most of the shit he’s got, to help some fucking entitled band. If times are so tough, why do all these bands have nice amps and guitars? You’re telling me they have enough money to buy and maintain all this expensive equipment yet they need money from me to feed themselves?

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So, as much as I hate to put any negative shit about the scene out there, I have to let it be known. The, “free” show down at Chopper’s is a total scam, and you’d have to be a complete fucking idiot to fall for it.

I’ll be keeping MY hard earned 10 bucks to buy MYSELF some beer, thank you very much.

Have you ever been scammed into, “donating” money at a, “free” show? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo by Shelby Kettrick @ShelbyShootsStuff.