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I Refuse to Be Body Shamed for Wearing the Skin of People I Murder

As far as I can tell, social media websites serve primarily as stomping grounds for trolls to insult beautiful souls like myself for committing the crime of posting selfies online. Their hate speech is disgusting and has been, at times, impossible to ignore. But as a strong, proud woman, I choose to no longer suffer or be victimized. From this day forth I refuse to be body shamed for wearing the skin of the people I murder.

When I post a photo of myself on Facebook, all I want is validation for being physically attractive, whether it’s a positive comment or a simple like. In lieu of that, though, all I ever receive are brutal takedowns from evil douchebags hell bent on making me feel horrible just because I don’t adhere to conventional standards of feminine beauty, and instead choose to wear the freshly flayed meat shell of my EX-best friend, Sarah Jean.

Sorry, not sorry, haters! If you think I’m going to APOLOGIZE for EXPRESSING MYSELF, think again!

Being constantly preyed upon online has made it challenging for me to let people into my world and develop relationships. So when I told Sarah Jean – my bestie since I was four – about my hobby of murdering internet trolls who insult me, removing their flesh and sporting it as one would a robe, I was crushed to learn she did not approve, and doubly crushed when she told me she’d tattle. Executing Sarah Jean was difficult, but not as hard as reading comments on my Instagram from so-called-friends and family saying how gross I looked wearing her skin. Some people are real monsters.

At this point, I’m used to the perpetual cycle of abuse. It usually goes something like this: I form a platonic or romantic bond, I feel comfortable enough to confide in them my secret pastime, they tell me I’m a demon and attempt to phone the police, I needle them with a small dose of Etorphine, they wake up strapped to a medical table, I explain why they’re about to die, I suffocate them with a throw pillow, I painstakingly remove and dress myself in their smooth, temperate husk, I upload photos/videos showcasing my hot new look to my Facebook/Instagram/Tumblr, and then I’m HARASSED NONSTOP.

When will the terror end?

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But despite these trolls’ brutality, I’m not letting them get to me or giving their words power. After all, Sarah Jean’s skin sheath fit me like a glove, and dammit, I looked fabulous.

I don’t know what it’s going to take for the world to WAKE UP and CHANGE, but I know that I’m not going to stand idly by waiting for it to happen.

Instead, I’m going to just LIVE MY TRUTH and kill everyone with a shitty opinion. I need some new fun outfits for summer anyways.