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Ranking the Top 5 Podcast Costumes You’ll Have to Explain All Night

Halloween is right around the corner and you want to stand out. Every year we see the same old costumes- a generic horror movie monster, a sexy version of a blue collar profession, a person of another race, etc. Don’t be like everyone else! You’re better and more clever than that. And do you know why? Because you listen to podcasts, that’s why.

Here are the top five podcast costumes you’ll have to explain all night.

5. John B McLemore, S-Town:
Straight out of Woodstock, Alabama, the tragic and enigmatic horologist from hit podcast “S-Town.” Cover yourself in torture tattoos, get your nipples pierced, mess with all the clocks in the house and rant to your friends about how much of their lives they’ve already lost, just by being a cog in the industrial machine.

4. Jason Mantzoukas, How Did This Get Made:
This year, go into October 31st screaming “What’s Up, Jerks!” and pay tribute to How Did This Get Made’s Jason Mantzoukas. Try and convince your friends that they’re all actually dead and in a ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ scenario. Take advantage of the Halloween season to greet people with a hearty “Heynong Man,” as well as scream things like “Let me see that baby!” and “GEOSTORM!”

3. True Crime Podcast Research Assistant:
This costume has it all – unisex, cheap, easy, and fun. You don’t need much to take on the persona of ‘emotionally weathered research assistant.’ Simply apply makeup to look like you haven’t slept in a month, while holstering a stack of folders, a bottle of whiskey, and a borderline inappropriate passion for the grizzliest of true crime murder details – all of which you share with EVERYONE, so study up!

2. MeUndies Ad:
Just go around in your underwear, giving everyone you come in contact with a small piece of paper that reads the promo code DOUGHBOYS.

1. Marc Maron & Boomer, WTF:
Get yourself a friend and a cat suit so you can reunite Marc Maron with his estranged, beloved Boomer. Pay respects to the monumental ‘WTF with Marc Maron’ as you and Boomer run around playing guitar, interrupting conversations, and still managing to find things to complain about. Boomer Lives!

Bonus Costume: Matt McCusker, Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast:
Show your ability to lay low in style! Your costume of a t-shirt, jeans, and maybe a hat will leave you saying, “Have you heard of Matt McCusker? Okay, what about Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast? No? How about Shane GIllis? Fuck, really!? He was all over the news like a month ago… okay, well you know SNL? Yes!! Okay, now we’re cooking. The guy who got cancelled from SNL has a podcast with another guy. I’m that other guy. Anyway, what are you, a sexy HVAC repairman? Nice. Wanna get out of here?”

Honorable Mention:

Santaman, Detective Popcorn, Squarespace, Leo Karpatze, Cake Boss (cake boss), Blank Check, Pete Holmes’s Divorce, Chef Kevin, Parking Lot Scott.