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QUIZ: Pantera Lyric or Some Bullshit a Cop Said After He Took Your Skateboard

“Walk on home, boy.” We’ve all been there, you’re having a fun session on a 5-stair with your buddies when along comes some 300 pound fractured ego in a badge. As he’s pathetically trying to establish some sense of dominance while holding your deck, you can’t help but think, “Why does this sound so familiar?”

We’ve compiled a list of vulgar displays of power, but do you love Pantera and/or hate the fucking cops enough to know who said them?

1. “Come meet your maker, boy”
2. “We got ourselves a smartmouth”
3. “Are you talkin’ to me? Are you talkin’ to me? No way, punk.”
4. “(I’m) one step from lashing out at you”
5. “I wish you’d try something”
6. “What’s your problem, punk?”
7. “Five minutes alone. Just give me five minutes alone.”
8. “You’re making us fucking hostile!”
9. “Now I’ll play a public servant, to serve and protect by the law and the state.”
10. “You’re trespassing, this is private property”
11. “Don’t try and be smart with me”
12. “You don’t wanna rile me”
13. “I feel so sorry, I regret this (hurting of you), but you made me so unhappy.”
14. “You Think You’re tough, boy?”
15. “Run your mouth when I’m not around, it’s easy to achieve.”
16. “You can get this back when I say you can”

Pencils down, people, time to scroll down and see how you did! Remember, while it might be hard to separate the words of these wannabe cowboys from hell one thing is for sure, no matter who said it, It all sounds the same in a Cartman voice. Hope you get that skateboard back.


1. Pantera
2. Cop
3. Pantera
4. Pantera
5. Cop
6. Cop
7. Pantera
8. Pantera
9. Pantera
10. Cop
11. Cop
12. Cop
13. Pantera
14. Cop
15. Pantera
16. Cop