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PC Bullshit: Mom Won’t Buy Barbies Because Their Bodies Are “Unrealistic” and I “Keep Mutilating Them”

Now that I’m stuck at home I’m losing my mind from boredom. I can only spend so many hours a day watching movies, playing my Switch, and spending quality time with my family while watching a movie and playing my switch. At this point, all I want in the world are some Barbie dolls to play with but my mom refuses to buy them. She thinks their bodies are unrealistic and that no woman could ever expect to look like them especially after I twist their heads around and rip off all their limbs.

Apparently PC bullshit is immune to coronavirus. Who knew?

I tried to reason with her but like my dad says, it’s a symptom of my mom’s libtard victim complex worldview. The fact that I ripped my last Barbie doll limb from limb and hid the body parts all over the house has absolutely nothing to do with it. I bet if I mutilated a Ken doll she’d throw me a party for literally dismantling the patriarchy.

Okay, so a couple dolls broke after I played with them. That’s totally normal! This PC bullshit is not. Plus, I know for a fact my mom doesn’t know what TikTok is so there’s no way she saw me pull out the blender and dump in Doctor Barbie, Astronaut Barbie, and any other barbie who work in a STEM field. It’s all politics with her.

I get why she’s worried. She doesn’t want me to feel bad about my body. Also, after I left a couple Barbies in the oven last year we kept tasting plastic in our food, which sucked. I just wish she’d let me express myself. Then again, it’s like my dad keeps telling me. “There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look pretty, she’s just a crystal-fucking feminazi.” I don’t understand what a lot of that means, but he’s louder so I feel like he’s making a good point.