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Opinion: Wouldn’t It Be Funny if We Left It in the Recording

It’s hard to express how surreal it feels to be in a real recording studio with a real producer. After years of basement demos, begging our friends to come see crappy local shows, and countless money-hemorrhaging tours on the road, I feel like we finally have a chance with this album to break through and make this lifelong dream a reality.

Dude, did you just fart into the microphone at the end of that take? Oh my God dude that was fucking HILARIOUS. Hey, how funny would it be if we left in it?

No guys, come on. You know how we’re all so unbelievably funny in the van and at band practice and all that? We always talk about letting our fans see that side of us. This would be perfect! Play it again. AHAHAHAHA. Okay, now play it again.

DID YOU NOT JUST HEAR HOW FUNNY THAT WAS?!?! The guitar faded out into the bridge where that solemn piano part starts and just before the vocals kick in and then, “WHAM” – fart noise! Well, it was more like, “PFFFFT,” but you guys get it.

This is the real art, if I’m being honest.

Okay fine, we’ll cut it out. I don’t know why you guys always do this. One of you makes an awesome suggestion, I agree with it, and then you all turn on me! Remember last week when Tim said we should moon his dad on the way out of his basement when band practice was over? And then I did it because I’m about that life and now everyone gets invited for pre-practice dinner except me. At this point it just seems intentional.

Alright, you guys win. You’ll all regret this when I quit music to make fun of bands like you on the internet.