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Opinion: I Love My Children Exactly as I Wish They Were

Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. Is it really summer time already? Gosh, the days just fly by don’t they? Hi everybody, it’s Carolyn Thompson here, and let me just say, the last few months have been jam packed for all of us here at 2133 Meadowcrest. Maybe if everyone would just read my quarterly newsletter, I wouldn’t have had to buy ad space in this paper to tell you about it, but that’s another matter. Life is good, me and Scott are doing fabulously and the kiddos are growing like weeds. They all have such different interests and opinions that sometimes I need to remind myself (and all of you) that I love my children. Exactly as I wish they were.

I mean, who can believe that our eldest, Dylan, is going to be starting college in the Fall? Not this mama! And what a blessing and a privilege it is that he’s elected to study theater. Wow! I’m sure that’s gonna be a great use of his time and our money. And sure, it’s fantastic. But somewhere in that young man, I see another version of him. A version that says to me: “Mama, I’ve decided I’m going to put my performing skills to good use and go the pre-law route.” And I tell him that it’s not an easy decision, putting profit over passion, but one that I’m sure he’ll be grateful for in the long run. I certainly am. God, I just love that hypothetical version of my son so much.

And our youngest, Zachary, has become involved in athletics, finishing seventh grade strong as part of the Cromwell Middle School Track and Field team. He had the second lowest average of all the shot-putters on the field team this year. But that’s okay. Because that means he’s got room to grow, and he gets to inspire another child to grow after him. What a blessing. Sure, there’s a world where Zach starts working out regularly, quits eating Wendy’s, joins the football team like his Dad and becomes the strapping, muscular and handsome young man that I have to keep all the girls at school away from. Ha! Stay back ladies! This one belongs to mama! That would be nice. That would be really, really nice.

And lastly, my female son Olivia, (soon to be entering the tenth grade) threw Scott and me a little curve ball last month when she announced that she’s considering not going to college and pursuing music full-time. A goal she underscored by dyeing her hair jet black, wearing chokers and listening to some mannish-voiced songstress named Nico. And I couldn’t be happier for her. Really. I mean, yes, there’s a version of Olivia that still has the beautiful flaxen locks that God and genetics intended for her and says: “Mom, you were right. I should go to college and get my marketing degree like you. I’m going to meet a nice man in college and not say hurtful things like pretending to be bisexual and get married and give you a grandchild. You and I are going to paint each other’s nails and go on spa days and co-own our own business with Mary Kay. Won’t that be nice, Mom? Won’t that be nice, Mama?” Yes, Olivia. Yes. That would be nice. “I love you Mama.” I love you too, Olivia.

But children are little people, as Scott likes to remind me. Kids will be kids. Oh yes, and I’m sure you’re all wondering how Scott is doing. Well, I’m sad to announce that Scott did not get promoted to V.P. at work. But that’s okay. He seems perfectly happy to spend his whole career in middle management. And I think that’s just super.