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Opinion: “Caress Me Down” Taught Me More Applicable Spanish Than Duolingo

Hola. Mucho gusto. That means “Hi, pleased to meet you.” Did I learn that from your little fucking owl? ¡No! (That means “No!”). I learned it from one Bradley Nowell. Let me break it down for you, hermana.

All your friends are posting about their Duolingo streaks, but is anyone actually learning anything? No one is talking about the time-tested importance of using a new language in everyday life situations, like when you listen to songs about sucking and fucking by Southern California ska punk band Sublime. They say “use it or lose it” and that means getting off that little app and belting “tenemos un bebe!” in your kitchen while you fuck up the stir fry. It’s true that Duolingo has tratar de improve things by adding a “speak” component, but we all learned from our little ADHD coping packets that putting things to music will help you remember, and that’s why I’ll always know how to say “the thing I like most, is pussy.”

Has Duolingo managed to teach me some things? Sure. Now I know how to say that Marcus lives with his girlfriend in Paris and works in London, but who the fuck do I know that can afford all that back and forth travel? No, I’m much more likely to know people who evade attempted murder and escape to Costa Rica on stolen cash. It has also taught me a great deal about how to ask for sweaters in various colors, but typically I like to speak with as few people as possible while shopping. I’m more of a “tienes que bailar” kinda gal, sabes?

Now, there are some limitations to this method. Like, I accidentally told my friend’s abuela to hand me her panties. And I might have told a business associate that I was their daddy. But any teaching method will require fine-tuning and adjustment periods. And the truth of the matter is, that stupid owl just can’t compete with sick beats.

My suggestion is that the avian overlord get with the times and learn to accept and grow from its limitations. I think they could stand to make a great deal of money from partnering with popular bands and releasing educational, multi-language music about canceled porn stars.