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OpEd: Why Is Israel Bombing Hospitals When They Can Just Simply Destroy Gaza Healthcare with Predatory Health Insurance Companies?

The recent inhumane bombings of Gazan hospitals by the Israeli government are causing massive anguish and heartbreak, as well as a lot of negative press against Israeli efforts to defeat Hamas. I believe there is a solution that provides the Israelis the ability to destroy the Gaza healthcare infrastructure without the bad press and poor humanitarian record: they should simply introduce predatory health insurance companies into the Gazan system much like their allies in the United States.

The Israelis, with American support, could be looked at as saviors, providing many healthcare packages to the Gazans that can help enhance their well-being. Currently Gazans are being turned away from the hospitals either due to over-occupancy or because the hospitals were reduced to rubble thanks to bombs paid for by American tax payers. How horrible! Instead, we can envision a Gazan future where they’re turned away from care because their arm was blown off by a grenade instead of being chopped off by a machete, the latter of which is covered by all basic insurance.

Imagine the slow healthcare system death via key decisions made by an agent in an air-conditioned cube farm thousands of miles away, calmly suggesting an incredibly expensive treatment plan that will largely benefit a drug company’s stock portfolio. And have you ever dealt with the claims department? That is hell on Earth.

Gazans will be elated to hear of the availability of life-saving care from an air strike, of course only available after a two-week-minimum prior authorization period. However, this type of treatment won’t be available in Gaza; but I hear that insurance will cover it in hospitals just across the border in Israel.

Ultimately this method will garnish nothing but good press! The insurance companies will be considered saviors to the Gazan people. That has been the experience here in America. And if there is bad press, then we write it off as leftist bullshit. Can you imagine if the government was in charge of healthcare? That’s how it is in Gaza and guess what: hospitals are being blown up.

I believe it is my duty as an American to provide the rest of the world with truly awful ideas with no benefit to anyone yet have convinced millions through the anti-socialist propaganda machine that it is the correct way to go. So let’s replace the shocking war crimes strife with criticism with more systematic humanitarian crimes that are largely ignored by the media.

We don’t need the Red Cross, we have Blue Cross.