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OK OK but Here Are 5 Things the Society in the Handmaid’s Tale Got Right

Look, I’m not defending it by any means. The way society in The Handmaid’s Tale treats women is deplorable and inexcusable. I’m JUST SAYING there were some things they did RIGHT, OK? OK.

Significant Reduction in Greenhouse Gases
Maybe if you uber liberals weren’t so distracted by the post apocalyptic allegory of what you view to be modern day gender politics you would have noticed Serena boasting that they had reduced greenhouse gases by 55 percent. That’s huge! Surely a society that could pull off that kind of positive change for the environment deserves certain… uh… leeways? OK moving on…

Capital Punishment
Say what you will about this society but boy do they know how to handle crime! In the pilot episode a convicted rapist is beaten to death by WOMEN. How awesome is that?! If that’s not social justice, I don’t know what is.

No Racism!
These people are overjoyed to welcome ANY baby into their families, regardless of the color of it’s skin! Isn’t that what we ALL want? Well, isn’t it? I feel like you’re giving me a look…

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A Controlled, Sustainable Population
Overpopulation is a huge problem in our world. If this version of Earth has managed to control it by polluting the planet so much that most people become sterile and reproduction becomes handled by a ritualistic cult, then who are we to judge?

Re-education Camps for a Smooth Transition
Seriously, how fast did they take over that country?! June goes from living in what essentially seems like modern day Brooklyn to a society of diciplenary quaker fetishists in like, what, a year and a half?! Any society this efficient must be doing something right. Right?? Look, my sociology professor told me to watch this after I tried to red pill my class. She said I needed to educate myself. Pretty sure I did.

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Article by Dan Rice @DanRiceComedy

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