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Normie Update! They’re Still Talking About Hamilton

Hard Style is a lifestyle blog that believes in the importance and acceptance of all lifestyles. And as painful as it is sometimes, that includes exploring the world of normie culture. Yes, we know that normies are at best an inconvenience and, at worst, the absolute undoing of all that is good and punk. But it’s important to know thy enemy. We sent out one of our top investigators to go explore what’s going on out in normie-land to see what their latest obsession is.

What did they find? What can’t normies get enough of?



Fuck, are you serious? That’s all they’ve been talking about the past seven months? The hip-hop Broadway show about Alexander Hamilton? The guy who founded the treasury? Hold on let’s check the notes real quick…Shit yeah, still Hamilton. Well, damn. We gotta hand it to the normies on this one, they’re usually a pretty fickle bunch.

For the love of God Mike Pence saw this show? It’s cool that the cast called him out and all, but wouldn’t someone as lame as him being into this thing ruin it for everyone else? We would think so, but guess not.

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Well here goes.

Hamilton: An American Musical is the 11-Tony Award winning musical (duh) about Alexander Hamilton. Honestly it feels like a waste of time to explain this because it has already been done to death. You already know it all, they even made fun of it in the Gilmore Girls revival (more normie stuff) and they filmed that months ago.

Honestly that’s about it. Maybe check back next time for another Normie Update to see if it’s still Hamilton or if the normies move onto something else, man 2016 was weird.