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Nice! One Guitar Is Doing the Chugging Part and One Is Doing the High Pitch Riff Thing!

Aw hells yeah! That thing I love about metalcore is happening again! It started off with a couple light strums to get me all primed like, ‘Okay, what’s about to happen here?’ Then sure enough, that one crunchy, down-tuned guit starts chugging away like Djun djun fuckin’ djun and that strummy guit from the beginning starts giving me that Ba na na nay na na nay high pitch riff thing! So sick!

I was worried this new album would have all that weird shit like a piano or those computery bleep bloops so the band can say they’re “growing as artists” or whatever, but this album is wall to wall straight fire, bro! A whole lotta chuggy lows and whole lotta screechy highs! Cus you know if it was just the high pitch guitar, it’d be lame-ass old people metal, but if it was just the chugging guitar, it’d be basic-ass high school hardcore! They like need each other!

The Djun djun is the reason I can hold my head high like, ‘Yeah, I like the hard shit’, and even though it’s just palm muting those top two strings over and over, every sick band on every one of their sick songs finds some new way to make it legit. Whether it’s a straight up Djun djun… Djun djun djun djun, or the faster Zi-du-dun, Zi-du-dun djun djun, I can just like feel that shit vibrating in my fucking heart, guy! Like, typing out the sounds does NOT do it justice!

Then you got high-pitch buddy over here basically doing a solo the whole song, but in riff form. Just a master of his instrument, ya know. Always fingering away, giving that high pitch soul to the chugs! That shit is the goosebump maker right there. I get all the feels from that Ba na na nay son of a bitch!

Sometimes you get crazy lucky and they start doing the same riff, but one guy’s hands are like 2 inches apart and one guy’s are like 2 feet apart!

You know the bass is always helping out the djun djun guy. Just beefing it right up. But then, when every song builds to the breakdown… Even high-pitch buddy gets in on the djun djun action! It all comes together when they team up in perfect unison with that kick drum for this punishing wall of chuggery! Like, how is this not everyone’s favorite music?! It’s just too good!