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That’s Not a Nice Word to Use… My Son Actually Is Libtarded!

This is a photograph of my son. His name is Nathaniel. Look at it … study it. This is the real face of Libtardation.

 I understand that in the heat of an argument, you use words that you typically would not use. But that’s not an excuse. Perhaps you don’t understand the weight of your word choices, but in the comments section of a YouTube video about global warming you referred to another commenter as a, “total fucking Libtard.”

It’s not 2016 anymore, and this is not OK.

My son actually is libtarded and I ask that you no longer use that term as an insult. I am just a concerned mother actively trying to raise awareness for those suffering from medically diagnosable Libtardation. When you call regular morons Libtards it takes away from people who actually suffer from this crippling condition, like my son, Nathaniel, who still believes that Bernie Sanders will become president through this one weird loophole.

I have been active on the Libtard awareness scene ever since my son was 7 years old and started showing signs that he was on the libtard spectrum. Nathaniel had no choice in the political affiliation he was born with. Sure, maybe I shouldn’t have watched so much “Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher” when I was pregnant, but that’s besides the point now.

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My life is dedicated to making sure Nathaniel is equipped to function in the world. I start my day every morning at 4 a.m. so that I can get Nathaniel out of bed and dress him because he was up all night on Reddit trolling /r/The_Donald. Then I make my precious snowflake his breakfast before he is off to his job as a professional protester for George Soros.

Mr. Soros has been a godsend for the Libtard community, giving people like Nathaniel a well-paid position at a growing, world-wide company when no one else would.

Our evenings usually consist of me giving Nathaniel a sponge bath while he watches Errol Morris documentaries. Then I spoon feed him fair-trade, gluten-free, vegan lasagne puree while he retweets Occupy Democrats articles. I do a digital deposit of his welfare check before tucking him into his safe space. I love my little Libtard, and maybe if you read his Facebook statuses more closely you would too.

So, Next time time you want to use the term Libtard as an insult, think of Nathaniel, and his irrational addiction to Facebook videos from The Young Turks. I beg you as a mother, stop using the term, “Libtard” and use the acceptable, “DemonRat” instead.

Are you raising a Libtarded child? Tell us about your struggle in the comments below.